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Winning CV layout

First Impressions do count. A professional-looking, clear, informative Curriculum Vitae is vital in your search for the right career opportunity ! • Start with a profile of your skills, strengths and achievements such as “improved sales by 300 %” or “reduced downtime by 50%” or “received award for best rep of the year”. Make it […] more

Plot your career path but keep an open mind.

If you have fully explored your prospects with you current employer and have decided that they are limited and not conducive to the career path you have plotted, then it might well be the time to seek the ideal career opportunity. Make sure you have a plan & speak to your Recruiter (Recruitment Agency) & […] more

Hiring For Success

Salary Review 2017

Career Junction recently released their Salary Review for 2017 – It’s time to see what’s happening in your industry now! Check out which jobs are currently trending, which skills are most wanted and which sectors are most sought after. We also give you an inside scoop into the latest job and job seeker trends so you […] more


Hiring For Success Issue 16 Welcome to our new Issue of Hiring for Success in this issue you will find: Reducing Hiring Mistakes Cultivate the “Top of Mind” mentality Travel Sector Rides the Boom Construction goes into Recovery mode Support Staff in High demand We Trust you will enjoy it.  

33 Recruitment Experts Share the Top 3 Mistakes People Make on Their CV

33 Recruitment Experts Share the Top 3 Mistakes People Make on Their CV It is the first impression you leave on someone you are hoping would employ you. Yet, people often do not take the necessary care when it comes to preparing their CVs. Thoughtless mistakes can result in a CV application being rejected from […] more