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Winning CV layout

First Impressions do count. A professional-looking, clear, informative Curriculum Vitae is vital in your search for the right career opportunity ! • Start with a profile of your skills, strengths and achievements such as “improved sales by 300 %” or “reduced downtime by 50%” or “received award for best rep of the year”. Make it […] more

Plot your career path but keep an open mind.

If you have fully explored your prospects with you current employer and have decided that they are limited and not conducive to the career path you have plotted, then it might well be the time to seek the ideal career opportunity. Make sure you have a plan & speak to your Recruiter (Recruitment Agency) & […] more

Hiring For Success

Master the job hunt: Strike fast while other candidates are slowing down

The new year is fast approaching. If you have been on the hunt for a new job, you may feel like giving up now; the holiday season makes it incredibly difficult and especially unappealing to continue the search for a new job. But this may be the best time to be hunting for a new […] more

Your year-end party: How to get down while still moving up

With the year coming to an end, most companies tend to throw an end-of-year function. An end-of-year function serves a purpose beyond simply being a holiday party; these functions represent solidarity and take place to build on and maintain affinity between co-workers. Moreover, it is a way for companies to show appreciation and celebrate all […] more

SA’s Unemployment Rate is a Ticking Time Bomb – How is Facebook Helping?

We all know about South Africa’s major unemployment crisis. The current unemployment rate is sitting at 27%. 10 million adults are struggling to get hired; and the hiring rate of the younger generation has decreased in the past 10 years. But this information is not new. What is new however is Facebook’s involvement in the […] more