How IT is changing the recruitment game

One sector of the economy that never seems to disappoint is IT. The rate of development in this sector places fresh demands for new skills on IT-related employers – something that has remained more or less constant for the last two decades. Pauline Michell, specialist recruitment consultant at PCS, gives us an update on trends […] more

Construction sector turns the corner

Bev Stone, specialist recruiter in Construction at PCS, offers the following insight into trends and developments in this sector. Q: Bev, what are the three main things you look for in a candidate?  Bev: Stability, worked for reputable firms and good references. It’s pretty simple and not much has changed in this regard when it […] more

Morale surges in the hospitality sector

Angela Aveyard, specialist recruiter in the Hospitality & Legal sector at PCS, took us through some of the developments in this sector. Interesting to note is the buoyancy of the sector this year compared to last, and recruitment demand appears to be back to where it was pre-recession. Q: How has 2015 been so far […] more

Book review: Zero to one by Peter Thiel

Renowned entrepreneur Peter Thiel is worth listening to. He is a founder of PayPal and the data analytics firm Palantir, and has some refreshing ideas for entrepreneurs and those who want to get ahead in life. Here’s the one stand-out idea from Thiel: if you want to start a business, make it a monopoly. “Competition […] more

6 things you need to know for remote working

Whether you are working from home full time, living life as a road warrior or simply working the occasional day away from the office, you will be more effective if you have the right digital infrastructure for remote work. Here is a list of practical tools that can make your job a lot easier. 1. […] more

The world has no answer to sheer persistence

By Philip Park, MD Professional Career Services When the going gets rough, persist! This has been drummed into us since we were children. If you examine the lives of the world’s most successful people, you find the one thing they have in common is persistence. We often imagine success came easily to people like Steve […] more

How to avoid over-loading your plate

We’ve all run into this problem – over-committing ourselves and then failing to deliver what we promise. Our reputations suffer and a pall of failure hangs around our heads. The best way to break out of the vicious cycle of overcommitment and underperformance is to manage carefully what you agree to do. Here, according to […] more

Clients are positioning themselves for growth

Hiring for Success spoke to Simon Maimane, senior consultant in the Construction and Engineering sector at PCS, for his view on recent developments in the recruitment market. Q: Simon, there is a lot of negative news around at the moment regarding Eskom load-shedding and slow growth in the construction and engineering sectors. What’s your take […] more