Month: April 2014

SA’s booming informal economy

By Ciaran Ryan Adcorp economist Loane Sharp estimates SA’s informal economy at 18% of GDP. More importantly, it is out-pacing the growth in the formal economy at a staggering rate. What is going on here? Sharp speculates that companies are opting out of the formal market and moving into the informal sector to evade taxes, […] more

Exploding some common myths about South Africa

South Africa’s official unemployment rate is 25%. Right? Well, what if that is wrong. What if it is actually as low as 11%? Les Owen in the Independent looks at a new book entitled South Africa @ 20: For Better or for Worse? which explodes some of the myths about SA. It kicks off by looking at […] more

Bain heads list of best companies to work for

Forbes magazine is famous for its lists, but others are fast catching on. Online jobs portal Glassdoor has just released its latest survey of the best companies to work for, and Boston-based consulting firm Bain comes out tops. The ranking of the top companies was determined by taking cumulative average ratings from the half-million employees […] more