Month: November 2014

5 job interview mistakes you will live to regret

As this new, social generation of young people begin graduating from college and entering the workforce, there are a few tips I’d like to share, to help them avoid some common mistakes, says Richard Bliss of Forbes magazine. The following mistakes were made by candidates in just one month, but they’d no idea they’d made […] more

New law plans to outlaw credit checks for job applicants

President Jacob Zuma has signed the National Credit Amendment Act into law which provides for the automatic removal of adverse consumer credit information, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said recently. In a written reply to a question from new Agang SA MP Molapi Plouamma, Davies said the legislation would assist “in that potential employees will […] more

The most popular CV cliches

By Ciaran Ryan The CV is the story of your working life. In many cases, it is a work of fiction. A skilled recruiter will sniff out the inconsistencies in a matter of seconds. Here are some of the points to look out for in crafting a CV: Four jobs in three years and no […] more

7 signs that your employees are about to hit the road

Employees who are about to leave the company usually broadcast their intentions with subtle signals. It is worth knowing what some of these are and, if possible, persuading the employee to stay. Sometimes, employees will leave for valid reasons: to travel, to pursue their life’s passion, to study or for a change of environment. But […] more