New report points to better times ahead for construction

A new report just out from TechNavio suggests the lean times for the South Africa construction sector may be at an end. South Africa, over the past decade, has scripted for itself a new growth story, driven by domestic demand and foreign investment, among other factors. The African continent’s second largest economy is poised for […] more

14 simple productivity resolutions for 2015

From Maximizing productivity is a goal often discussed but rarely reached. As a result, though entrepreneurs actively strive to make the most of their time–reading books, exploring productivity hacks, testing project management tools–too often they feel they’ve fallen short. Meanwhile, the to-do list gets longer. But a new year is a great time to start […] more

5 things that must be in your CV

With the internet being inundated with various CV templates that are readily available with the click of a mouse, it is often difficult to establish what it really takes to let your CV stand out from the rest. Is it the use of “smart” words, or perhaps a fancy font that separates the wheat from […] more

5 job interview mistakes you will live to regret

As this new, social generation of young people begin graduating from college and entering the workforce, there are a few tips I’d like to share, to help them avoid some common mistakes, says Richard Bliss of Forbes magazine. The following mistakes were made by candidates in just one month, but they’d no idea they’d made […] more

The most popular CV cliches

By Ciaran Ryan The CV is the story of your working life. In many cases, it is a work of fiction. A skilled recruiter will sniff out the inconsistencies in a matter of seconds. Here are some of the points to look out for in crafting a CV: Four jobs in three years and no […] more

7 signs that your employees are about to hit the road

Employees who are about to leave the company usually broadcast their intentions with subtle signals. It is worth knowing what some of these are and, if possible, persuading the employee to stay. Sometimes, employees will leave for valid reasons: to travel, to pursue their life’s passion, to study or for a change of environment. But […] more

How to cultivate respect and build your career

In today’s society, respect is often seen as an afterthought. With millions of college educated professionals treating the cast of “The Bad Girls’ Club” and “Jersey Shore” as their role models, respect is often taken for granted or ignored as an important part of the way we live. However, you can earn respect from the […] more

Companies that glow have employees that shine

How to get the most out of your employees? The truth is that companies that shine have employees that glow. With the Brazil World Cup 2014 behind us, it was fascinating to watch the difference in the quality of football as the tournament progressed. Germany’s 7-1 thrashing of Brazil was a surreal moment. Here was […] more

Travel recruiters need to raise their game

Continuing our tour of the PCS universe, we stopped by to talk to Jean Rymer, who heads of Travel and Tourism for PCS in the Joburg branch. Q: Jean, tell us a bit about yourself and your background. Jean: I completed my BA Honours degree at Wits University and thereafter I went to the UK […] more