12 productivity tips from incredibly busy entrepreneurs

Bruna Martinuzzi, CEO of Clarion Enterprises, provides some useful tips for improving productivity. These tips are gleaned from interviews conducted with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, so it is worth heeding what they have to say. Also useful, she says, are some of the free software apps now available for organising your life, […] more

Brain drain shows signs of reversing

The “brain drain” of highly skilled professionals from South Africa is showing signs of reversing, according to employment figures recently released by workforce management company Adcorp. Adcorp’s January employment report estimates that, since the global financial crisis of 2008-09, approximately 359,000 high-skilled South Africans have returned from foreign work assignments. “This is a sizeable number, […] more

New labour laws could have unintended consequences

By Ciaran Ryan The new Labour Relations and Employment Equity Acts have far-reaching implications for employers and temporary employment agencies. Under the amended Labour Relations Act (LRA), temporary employment agencies and their clients will become jointly and severally liable for unfair labour practices. Currently only agencies are liable for adverse awards in unfair labour practice […] more