Choose the wrong employee and start counting the losses

Hiring for Success
spoke to Ashley Pillay, senior consultant for PCS in Durban, to get a sense of the recruitment industry in KwaZulu-Natal. Ashley makes the point that choosing the wrong employee is a recipe for financial losses. Hence, human resources (HR) managers increasingly rely on professional recruiters to find and place the right candidate for the job.

Q:  Ashley, tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Ashley: I am originally from Durban but have spent the last 10 years working and studying in Joburg. Having worked at a Black Economic Empowerment consulting firm I know I have the required knowledge to assist companies with their Employment Equity requirements as well as fulfilling their recruitment needs.

Q:  Briefly describe the challenges and opportunities for recruitment in your sector..

Ashley: Over the years a lack of construction and engineering projects have driven skilled candidates away, this has impacted the talent pools negatively. The industrial specific applicants have either relocated or moved onto a more general responsibility within the construction and engineering fields. One big advantage of been part of PCS Group is the support of sourcing applicants from any of our four branches situated in KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Western Cape. I am in a position to source reliable, pre-screened applicants who are interested in returning home. We are starting to see a spike is the number of Road, Water and Marine projects in the Durban area.

Q: Is this a particularly tough market, and if so, how are you overcoming this? 

Ashley: I would classify construction and engineering as tough; placing the wrong guy in a position could result in massive loss for all parties concerned.  It is very challenging industry with a wide range of positions with different duties and responsibilities. Overcoming this challenge isn’t always easy but working closely with clients to understand their needs makes it easier to source them the right candidate.

Q: Do you find growing interest from skilled candidates to work outside SA? If so, why is this?

Ashley: Skilled candidates from Durban have not shown much interest in working outside SA. The construction and engineering industries in Durban are growing and this is attracting skilled candidates. Durban is also geared with great opportunity, good weather and all things nice.

Q: What is the outlook for recruitment in your sector over the next 12 months?

Ashley: I foresee a lot more companies using recruitment agencies to source candidates. The days of HR managers looking over 50 CV’s to find one suitable candidate are over. It is vital for companies to have the right person for the right job and filling a position needs to happen now. Clients are finding out that when they employ a PCS Specialised Recruiter they are getting a Specialised Recruiter.