Construction sector turns the corner

Bev Stone, specialist recruiter in Construction at PCS, offers the following insight into trends and developments in this sector.

Q: Bev, what are the three main things you look for in a candidate? 

Bev: Stability, worked for reputable firms and good references. It’s pretty simple and not much has changed in this regard when it comes to recruitment.

Q: If you look back over the last 5 years, what would you say and the main changes you have noticed in the recruitment business?  

Bev: There are more individuals that specialise in recruitment without the relevant degree or hands on experience, this poses a problem when sourcing candidates for a specific position. This is what we strive for at PCS as most of our consultants come out the industry that they specialise in and this gives us an advantage over other recruitment companies.

Q: Give us an idea of the demand in the Construction sector, and what would you say is driving this? 

Bev: Demand is high in my department for a variety of specific skills, such as architects, project managers, quantity surveyors and construction. Driving this, it is clear that there is growing demand for architectural services and this is generally a predictive indicator for the rest of the construction sector.