Senior Clearing Supervisor

  • Permanent
  • Ref #411266NM
  • Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Limpopo, South Africa, Africa
  • Logistics
Employer Description

Our client is an integrated supply chain company with a national and international footprint.

Job Description

You will be expected to perform the following Key Functions:

  • Responsible for organising and overseeing all clearing activities within the department.
  • Ensuring that the declarations submitted to customs conform to the customs act requirements
  • Supervising all export consolidated entries- daily, quality control
  •  Researching product and client descriptions on google, comparing with literature and classifying goods using the correct customs tariff codes
  • Capturing/framing bill entries and submitting entries electronically to customs
  • Supervising turn around times/ accuracy of SADC certificates and other related customs docs
  •  Reviewing accuracy of and approving all import and exports files
  • Supervising of imports/exports entries framed by clearing clerks, checking that entries conform to customs legislative requirements before being finalised to avoid penalties from customs
  • Supervising clearing clerks on shift
  • Guiding/training staff members on legislation related to customs
  • Formulating or improving processes/procedures with the organisation
  • Developing processes to improve efficiency and performance
  • Preparing work schedules and assigning duties
  • Approving all clearing tasks and procedures submitted by clearing clerks
  • Assisting manager with evaluating and reporting on staff performance
  • Ensuring that all employees adhere to relevant Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP’s)
  •  Mitigating risk: acquittal management, timeous attention to customs queries to prevent penalties
  • Ensuring clients are constantly updated regarding their orders
  • Ensuring clients are familiar with customs requirements and legislation regarding their orders
  • Ensuring clients are familiar with customs requirements and legislation regarding the processes on imports/exports
  • Interacting with clients and assisting with product classification
  • Attending to customs clients clearance queries



  • Senior certificate
  • National certificate in  Advance customer clearing
  • National certificate in Customs control
  • National certificate in custom tariff codes


  • Minimum 5 years previous team leader / supervisor experience in clearing.
  • Experience in Easy Clear
  • Must willing to work overtime and be available to work after hours if required
  • Advance understanding of the Customs control and Duty act
  • Advance knowledge of SARS rules and regulations
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of the clearing and expediting procedures

Salary / Package