Master the job hunt: Strike fast while other candidates are slowing down

The new year is fast approaching. If you have been on the hunt for a new job, you may feel like giving up now; the holiday season makes it incredibly difficult and especially unappealing to continue the search for a new job. But this may be the best time to be hunting for a new job.


There is a misconception that companies pause the hiring process during the festive season. Due to this false information, the majority of job seekers take a break; this gives the minority who keep their search up a greater advantage to get hired. Remain dedicated and the new year may also present a new job.

4 Reasons to Continue the Job Hunt During the Holidays:

  1. Companies still hire: Just because it is the holiday season does not mean everyone is on holiday. Most companies are looking to recruit 365 days a year. Check job listings and hiring sites on the regular to see continuing updates and changes throughout the holidays.
  2. Smaller competition: As mentioned above, it is falsely believed that employers retreat from hiring for the duration of the holidays. This is a myth. And an opportunity. The candidate pool will be the least competitive during this time of the year, as many people believe the recruitment process will be paused or they decide to take a break from job searching. Use this to your advantage.      
  3. Recruiters are paying attention: With a decrease in job applications, you will be standing out to recruiters. And the more interesting your application is, the happier they are to aid you in the hiring process. Interviewers will have more time to view and review your CV and the interview process will most likely be longer as well. Use this to your advantage. Be interesting and be presentable. For a qualified job seeker, this is a gold mine.
  4. Networking opportunities: Late November to early January brings with it many holiday functions and big parties, providing a pronounced opportunity to connect with people. Get talking: share your career goals and have a business pitch ready to be delivered. Give and receive business cards, exchange contact details, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Most people are happy to help, especially during this festive season.

4 Tips to Assist You in the Holiday Job Hunt:

  1. Fix up your CV: Interviewers will be spending considerably more time analyzing your CV due to the lack of applications this time of year. Ensure that your CV is updated, neat, and containing only vital information. Furthermore, design multiple CVs, ensuring that each one is specific to the type of job you are applying for. 
  2. Send emails to the recruiters: There may be a lack of applications during the holidays, but it is still a busy time of year. Guarantee your interview position by both applying for the job and email the person responsible for the interview process.
  3. Focus on the job hunt: It may be tempting to go out with friends and family, sit at home and watch a Christmas film, or go out shopping; but the holidays are more fun when you get the important tasks out of the way first. Moreover, once you get the interview spot and the job in your back pocket, you can enjoy the holidays knowing that you have money that can be spared. The candidate pool is quiet; don’t wait until the new year!
  4. Plan for the new year: The new year equals a new start. Develop a strict, clear-cut, and succinct plan to ensure you get as many interview opportunities as possible in the new year. Don’t be disappointed if things don’t work out this year. Update your CV and social accounts, set goals, and enjoy your holiday. The new year brings with it a new start and better opportunities. So be ready for it.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!