Recruitment and Retention of Millennial Employees

Recruitment and Retention of Millennial Employees

Millennials are a generation of people raised in a technologically-familiar environment. They are the largest democratic cohort of all time, born in a time where technological innovation was barely booming (1981 – 1997), yet raised to see the the largest advancement of technology in our history.
They are incredibly perspicacious and adaptive when it comes to technology, social networking, risk-adversity, racial diversity, and workplace flexibility; making them a great addition to every business.


In order to increase millennial productivity, businesses should understand the millennial workforce and the benefits of hiring and retaining millennials. It is expected that Generation Y will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025; thus, a greater attention should be paid to the future majority of the workforce.


Millennials and Technology
Millennials grew up in an era of technology; from a young age they were already using computers and Internet for various activities and working with different operating systems. The familiarity that they have gained from a young age makes them quite perspicacious with regards to the use of different interfaces and devices.
Moreover, they tend to easily adjust to new and unfamiliar operating systems, applications, and hardware devices in comparison to older generations. Furthermore, they are comfortable with digital networking; this familiarity with social media means they are not only good at self-promoting, but also creating connections and promoting the business they are working at.


To millennials, technology is an intrinsic skill; and their continuous growth in this department is everything save inexorable.


What Millennials Want from Employers
To understand millennials, one must begin by understanding their values. Where Baby Boomers and Generation X would rank job security and structure as important, millennials prioritize workplace flexibility and employability.


However, purpose is indispensable and thus extremely essential. They are not looking for prosaic, ubiquitous, and meaningless jobs; but rather jobs with a purpose, jobs that make a difference in their own lives: a work-life integration and an opportunity to advance to the top and become their own boss. But until they become their own boss, they would like to work under respected leaders; mentors with whom they can have honest and understanding workplace-relationships with; a person who is a model of rectitude.


Millennials like to learn and be challenged. Moreover, they are a social bunch and enjoy collaborating rather than competing. This attitude should be encouraged; and by assigning roles, tasks, and deadlines properly, it can be used to benefit workplace productivity.
Millennials in the Workplace
Millennials should be emancipated from constant observation and restriction. They should be given a task and be allowed to work on that task freely within the limits set up; but once every action is continuously judged and criticised, the resulting work will be mediocre at best.


We know that they are tech-savvy and particularly flexible, and as such, they don’t always need to work in an office, and certainly not in a cubicle. Though many don’t disregard the importance of being present at the workplace, many prefer to work in a place of comfort and safety. And if the workplace is neither comfortable nor safe, then they’d prefer a contract arrangement that would support them working out of a location of their choice or directly from home.
Additionally, they are an exceedingly passionate and social group. Thus, a social and fun environment is essential to boost their productivity. This is a tactic that large tech companies such as Google and Amazon have incorporated for many years; and it has produced such outstanding results that even smaller start ups ensure the interior is a large open area, well-furnished, and containing hobby activities and cafes.


How Millennials Will Improve Your Business
This generation should be welcomed to workplace sooner rather than later as they will change the business for the better, and for the greater. They are born innovators and exceptionally enthusiastic.
Benefits of Hiring Millennials:
1) Intrinsically motivated: 65% find personal development to be the most important factor in their careers. They naturally want to learn and improve, and businesses will grow as a result.


2) Fresh perspective: Millennials aren’t afraid to share their fresh ideas and different perspectives on workplace affairs. This is a new generation with a new way of thinking.


3) Technical skills: This generation has a ready insight and understanding of both current and new technology. In comparison to previous generations, they are more adept with technology and more adaptable to the latest technological advances.


4) Training and cost reduction: More experienced employees have habits that are difficult to change when the workplace has changed. However, millennials are young, adaptable, and lack unnecessarily large egos built on past work experiences. As such, it is easier and more cost effective to train a Gen Y employee.


With new ideas materializing out of nowhere, and start ups forming left and right, the inventive and unprecedented ideas coming from this generation are greatly needed to stay afloat in this hyper-competitive entrepreneurial age.
Welcome the millennials with open arms. They will help your business survive; and they will help your business grow.
With an entrepreneurial mindset equipped with intrinsic leadership skills, they are bound to form their own company if they haven’t already been snatched up by a competitor; and understandably so: they are confident, creative, adaptable, and collaborative. They apply themselves to their work, and they work hard.