12 productivity tips from incredibly busy entrepreneurs

Bruna Martinuzzi, CEO of Clarion Enterprises, provides some useful tips for improving productivity. These tips are gleaned from interviews conducted with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, so it is worth heeding what they have to say. Also useful, she says, are some of the free software apps now available for organising your life, […] more

The Genghis Khan school of business management

By Ciaran Ryan The name Genghis Khan evokes images of bloodlust, the likes of which this world has seldom seen. Entire cities were wiped out by his marauding soldiers as they swept from the steppes of Mongolia, across the Volga River to Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East in the 1100s and 1200s. Millions […] more

The power of acknowledgement

By Philip Park, MD of PCS Acknowledgement is food for the human soul. Without it, we shrivel and contract. With it, we can experience the joy of being alive. It is the sunlight that allows us to grow and flourish. I’m not talking about insincere flattery. That is always exposed for what it is: the […] more

Chance encounters that changed history

John Lennon first met Paul McCartney in Liverpool on the 6th July 1957 when John was fronting The Quarrymen. The two were introduced to each other by Ivan Vaughan, then the bass player for The Quarrymen. McCartney showed Lennon how to tune his guitar and sang some songs by Gene Vincent and Little Richard, songs […] more

6 steps to better productivity

I have had the pleasure of meeting many brilliant executives in my 30 years as head of PCS, and of course I tend to study their habits and routines. They didn’t get to be executives by accident. They are great leaders. They lead by example, by maintaining a ferocious work ethic and by a natural […] more