50 Surprising Social Media Statistics In 2020

Facts and stats are always fascinating, particularly where social media is concerned. BroadbandSearch recently updated one of their articles with all the latest social media data for 2020. Here’s the link to it: https://www.broadbandsearch.net/blog/social-media-facts-statistics  

5 recent cyberattacks that prove cybersecurity will become the career of the future in South Africa

What comes to mind when you hear someone speaking about “cybersecurity”? For many people, the term still brings to mind bespectacled tech geeks from the IT department, huddled together in a dark room with flashing monitors and beeping hardware, removed from the general operations of the business. This stereotype, however, fails to paint an accurate […] more

5 reasons to consider a career in cybersecurity in 2018 

From decreasing fibre internet costs to Samsung Pay rolling out on mobile phones around the country, there are more technological and IT opportunities facing South African businesses than ever before. While this dynamic landscape undoubtedly benefits companies looking for ways to create customer value or competitive advantage, it also empowers cyber criminals, providing them with […] more

Salary Review 2017

Career Junction recently released their Salary Review for 2017 – It’s time to see what’s happening in your industry now! Check out which jobs are currently trending, which skills are most wanted and which sectors are most sought after. We also give you an inside scoop into the latest job and job seeker trends so you […] more


Hiring For Success Issue 16 Welcome to our new Issue of Hiring for Success in this issue you will find: Reducing Hiring Mistakes Cultivate the “Top of Mind” mentality Travel Sector Rides the Boom Construction goes into Recovery mode Support Staff in High demand We Trust you will enjoy it.